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Updated by okurz almost 5 years ago

## User story
As a test developer I would like to modify files we share in data test directory during the test run. One of valid scenarios is modification of autoyast profiles from the worker side avoiding need in support server.
At the moment it's only possible to modify profiles that can be used for installation only using support server, which has certain limitations.
For example, it's not straight-forward to share the path to the new file between 2 test suites, if modification was done in support server test suite.
Another possibility to have similarly functionality atm is to use 'upload_asset', here we can avoid having support server, but still have to run code inside of SUT in chained job.

## acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** <**AC1:** Being able to modify and upload files similarly to 'upload_asset' but not from SUT, but from the worker directly
* **AC2:** <**AC2:** Being able to access files in SUT using http

## tasks
* Investigate required steps
* Implement new api function which allows uploading files
* Document new api function