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Updated by nicksinger about 6 years ago

boot/ just boots up the system without specifically adding a network device which the installer should use. This can result in somewhat random results if the machine has more then one interface (pretty common on real servers). From the linuxrc documentation: 

 <blockquote>Use netdevice to specify the interface (otherwise it tries all interfaces until things work).</blockquote>  

 There are multiple ways to fix this issue: 

 1. way: Specifically add the configured device to the kernel parameters: 


 linuxrc supports defining so called "netdevice"s if it should use a specific device: 


 * Simple to implement 


 * Needs some way to map MAC -> IP while no IP is assigned yet (means: looking up in the ARP-table will not work ;)). Could be realized by adding another value into the worker config 


 2. way: Adjust test to try all known interfaces 


 This requires to adjust the test to not fail if the first connect does not work. Besides that the workerconf has to be expanded to contain _every_ possible interface of the server/SUT and also the DHCP/DNS config on qanet needs to be updated to handle every interface.