coordination #25850

Updated by okurz almost 6 years ago

## situation 
 * The role "default" will become the role "SLES + Desktop" (SLE Basesystem and Desktop Application Module available, runlevel 5, Basesystem + Gnome Desktop installed) 

 * the minimal Minimal role SLES "minimal" Minimal (no registration, only packages from DVD available) will stay as is 

 * there will be added a new role <del>"SLES default"</del> "textmode" "SLES default" (SLE Basesystem Module available, Basesystem + minimal X11 (icewm) installed, runlevel 3, text mode)  

 ## acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** All system roles are tested within SLE15 
 * **AC2:** SLE12/openSUSE still works - do we always have to state this? ;-) 
 * **AC3:** Existing scenarios using test variable "SYSTEM_ROLE" still work, i.e. "xen" and "kvm".