action #126623

Updated by livdywan 6 months ago

## Observation 

 If a build has the following format: `2023-03-24 14:33:39+01:00` when creating a tag, the webui doesn't allow the tagging 

 date --rfc-3339=seconds 
 2023-03-24 14:33:39+01:00 

 Expected result:  

 1. 1- A message is returned to the user when the syntax is invalid 
 2. 2- If BUILD can be anything, tag/labels should allow the user to use i.e tag:"2023-03-24 14:33:39+01:00":likethis either via webui or via api 

 ## Acceptance Criteria 
 - **AC1:** Tags not matching builds yield clear user feedback 
 - **AC2:** Tags with special characters like `:` can be used if quoted 
 - **AC3:** Intended, not-matching build tags can still be created, e.g. for a build that will come in some hours 

 ## Suggestions 
 - Colons are common in build names in some use cases and should be allowed, provide a mean to escape colons 
 - Compare to the yellow highlighting we use for labels, highlight for tags that already matches at least one present build