coordination #121828

Updated by JERiveraMoya over 1 year ago

#### Motivation 
 After the merge of YaST squad and Migration squad we noticed that we have too many places to look at, specially for Migration scope. 
 We should find some sort of order to all of this in the near future, and easy way to see installation, YaST modules and different types of migrations grouped properly. 
 At least Yam squad should aim to have a couple of job group, one for intermediate snapshot validation and another one for milestone validation. 
 This also represent a challenge how to organize the CIs, but as we plan to move to libyui-rest-api also in Migration, it would feel natural to use for all YaST CI with adjustments (the first one the name of the repo to reflect the new Yam squad). 

 #### Acceptance criteria 
 **AC1**: Minimize the number of openQA job groups 
 **AC2**: Single CI for Yam squad in gitlab. 
 **AC3**: Cover with unified CI the Maintenance CI