action #115181

Updated by szarate 4 months ago

As ALP is approaching, we should start to get on board with the train, that would allow us, and other teams to be able to integrate the ALP tests into their radars too (including openQA-tuned images, as we do already for SLES)

As for this task, what we mainly need to do is to start by creating a dedicated jobgroup on osd that mirrors [openSUSE ALP]( (even if it means duplicating an already existing one, for now), check in with QE-C if a similar jobgroup already exists in osd.

Coordination needs to be done too with QE-Yast, to [have autoyast profiles]( for the generation of the default images, adjustments of memory limits and HDD limits can be done at a later point.

#### Acceptance criteria

AC1: ALP jobgroup is mimicked on osd and both are added to the list of links of the bugbusters' review part.
AC2: All 4 flavors are enabled for the new Job Group (If one can't, it is stated in its own ticket why)
AC3: All of the jobs publish HDD images
AC4: Ticket exists for autoyast profiles for ALP/or pull requests are already created (taking #115184 into account)