action #113318

Updated by livdywan about 2 years ago

## Observation 
 On any job (at least observed on when opening the job while the job is still in scheduled state, when the job switches to "running" the live view stays blank (white rectangle with no content) like this: 


 ## Expected result 
 Live view should show actual content like this from the beginning: 


 ## Workaround 
 Two alternatives: 
 * Force a refresh of the browser window with "F5" 
 * Open the job result only after the job started 

 ## Suggestions 
 * Check whether works before 
 * Tina/Marius observed a live view not updating an already running job, which might relate to this issue (also on o3) 
 * Try to reproduce it locally 
 * Investigate the worker's pool directory while the job is running