action #111293

Updated by mkittler 3 months ago

## User story

Using the `force_result` feature still feels a bit bulky, because of the complex syntax that at least my brain fails to remember. While the provided info box contains all relevant information, it does not allow to copy&paste the template. When I use the `force_result` feature I typically end up to have to open the info box twice before I get the syntax right and this is annoying.


This is a feature request to provide another button next to the info button, the prefills the `force_result` template in the comment box. Alternatively make the text in the info box selectable, so that we can use copy&paste.

## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1**: Templates can be easily discovered and copied into new comments

## Suggestions

* Provide an additional button that pre-fills the comment box with `label:force_result:[passed|softfailed|failed]:BUGREF
* e.g. within a drop-down menu or even within the tooltip or as a separate button

* Make the text in the infobox selectable for copy&paste
* Toggle the info like in the YAML editor e.g. (or any other job group)
* Implement something, try it on staging and ask for feedback