action #111293

Updated by ph03nix 3 months ago

## User story

Using the `force_result` feature still feels a bit bulky, because of the complex syntax that at least my brain fails to remember. chosen syntax. While the provided info box contains all revelent information, it does not allow to copy&paste the provided template, and when I use the `force_result` feature I typically end up to have to open the info box twice before I get the syntax right.


This is a feature request to or make the text in the info box selectable, so that we can use copy&paste or to provide another button next to the info button, the prefills the `force_result` template in the comment box

## Acceptance criteria


* Provide an additional button that pre-fills the comment box with `label:force_result:[passed|softfailed|failed]:BUGREF
* Make the text in the infobox selectable for copy&paste