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Updated by jlausuch 3 months ago

The new feature introduced by is very useful to notify people in different ways (direct email or to Slack, which will turn into Slack message). However, those messages could be improved adding some extra information about the test name, the group name, etc.

This is an example of how a message in Slack looks like:

So, a proposal from my side could be:
Unknown issue to be reviewed.
OpenQA test fails with
"Test died: script timeout: docker info at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/ line 296."

I guess it's difficult to include the reason given by the failure, so something like this could be also helpful:
Unknown issue to be reviewed.
OpenQA test fails test fails in docker.
Job Group: 427 - Maintenance: Test Repo / Public Cloud Maintenance Updates
Build: 20220515-1
Flavor: AZURE-CHOST-BYOS-Updates
similar to when you report a poo ticket directly from the UI.