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## User story 
 Commonly we want to call job_done_hooks only on failed or incomplete jobs. For some cases, e.g. openqa-investigate, it makes sense to call job_done_hooks on passed jobs. To not overwhelm an openQA instance with too much overhead calling job_done_hooks on *all* jobs we could ask openQA with a test setting to only do this for specific jobs 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** If an openQA job has a specific test setting, e.g. _TRIGGER_JOB_DONE_HOOK=1, _FORCE_JOB_DONE_HOOK=1, then the job done hook is called regardless of the openQA config 
 * **AC2:** If an openQA job does not have any special test setting but fails and openQA is configured to call the job_done_hook on failed jobs the job_done_hook is still called 

 ## Suggestions 
 * Read how we currently decide within openQA if job_done_hooks are called based on the current configuration in 
 * Extend documentation for the new feature 
 * Add test 
 * Extend accordingly to read a test setting and call job_done_hook, e.g. just in line one more condition from job settings 
 * Ensure that the openQA configuration triggered job_done_hooks still work