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## User story 
 As a reviewer of jobs with relations on '/tests/overview' I want the job relations to show up so that I save time finding out inter-dependant job results 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** Parallel the job relations are visible on '/tests/overview' 
 * **AC2:** multi-machine tests on '/tests/overview' can be collapsed grouped/folded to reduce clutter (e.g. 
 * **AC2:** Collapsed jobs can be expanded 
 * **AC3:** The job relations are still visible on '/tests/overview' 

 ## Tasks 
 * *DONE*: research how job relations are shown for '/tests' 
 * *DONE:* implement the icons in a similar way for '/tests/overview' 
 * Collapse optional: Fold inter-dependant job results into a stack 
 * Expand optional: Unfold on click 
 * optional: Make the job relation lookup and display configurable 

 ## Further details 
 Original motivation came from asmorodskyi and rbrown discussing with me about multi machine tests which tend to use a lot of space on a overview page when most often one is at first interested in the overall result. So the idea was that these job result bubbles could be bundled or folded. 

 #15846 is related.