action #105157

Updated by livdywan over 2 years ago

## Observation ![](Screenshot_20220120_135920.png) 

 As can be seen, the border is correct at the top and left side, but is missing entirely on the right and way too fat at the bottom. 

 ## Steps to reproduce 
 * Login to 
 * Go to any completed openQA job from the finished jobs on , select a screenshot and click the needle pin to open the needle editor 
 * Look at the border where the current screenshot touches the white background and confirm that there is overlap on the right and a comparably big border on the bottom 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 - **AC1**: The screenshot display in the needle editor has consistent borders 

 ## Suggestions 
 * Make it the same pixel width to the right and bottom as on left and top 
 * Alternative: Ensure that there is no border 
 * Optional: Make it more obvious where the border is, e.g. a dashed line which is unlikely to appear in the screenshot