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There are two failures that look similar. The error message is the same, the architecture is the same, but the point of the error occurrence is failure occurs only for ppc64le. The logs do not at the same step of installation. provide useful info. We need to check the relevance of the two failures, should reproduce the issues    issue manually and collect data for troubleshooting, if needed report a bug report,if needed. bug. 

 ## Test 1 Observation 

 openQA test in scenario sle-15-SP4-Online-ppc64le-activate_encrypted_volume+force_recompute@ppc64le fails in 

 Last good: [18.1]( (or more recent) 

 Always latest result in this scenario: [latest]( 

 ## Test 2 suite description 
 Maintainer: QE Yast, rpalethorpe 

 openQA In the current state (as of 2017-01) SLE as well as openSUSE can detect an existing cryptlvm installation and offer to activate it. However, as might be unexpected, the proposed partition layout does not propose an encrypted layout based on this. Only if the cryptlvm layout is selected explicitly it will be encrypted again. This test in scenario sle-15-SP4-Online-ppc64le-crypt_no_lvm@ppc64le fails in 
 [await_install]( was added as there was a bug preventing even the recomputation. 

 ## Reproducible 

 Fails since (at least) Build [26.1]( 

 ## Expected result 

 Last good: (unknown) [18.1]( (or more recent) 

 ## Further details 

 Always latest result in this scenario: [latest](