coordination #95935

Updated by szarate about 1 year ago

## Observation

For a while we've seen that there are jobs that do a full installation (including the reboot) only to run couple of extra tests post installation, the problem with this approach is that if a test happens to fail during the installation, or a module that is not the one needed (say consoletest_setup) the time spent during the installation is basically lost.

It's better to identify those scenarios, leaving only `default` in a state where it runs a very limited subset of tests right after the install without any workarounds that we apply to carry on with testing

## Suggestions

* Take a look at the jobs in sle functional jobgroup see which jobs are doing installation + extra work, try to change that to Boot to desktop + extra work in the schedule
* Repeat above step (if makes sense) on TW.
* Cleanup Development 15, job group

### Caveats:

* PPC (powerKVM) supports qcow images too, those can be considered
* For powerVM, spvm this is not possible unless START_AFTER_TEST is used (but can only be used once)
* This is also not possible for z/VM
* Possibly job group storage will need to be updated.