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**## ## Motivation
Currently, there are two different approaches used for the same navigation functionality (`press_next()` method in controllers for specific pages and in NavigationController).

In order to have consistency and to not collect technical debt, only one solution should be kept - NavigationController.

## Scope
Existing Test Modules, Controllers and Pages that use `press_next` with LibyuiClient (e.g. `tests/installation/system_role/`, `lib/Installation/SystemRole/`, `lib/Installation/SystemRole/`)

## Task
1. Find test modules, controllers and pages that use `press_next` with LibyuiClient (`press_next` method in the [approach where we use needles]( is out of scope);
2. Remove the `press_next` from pages, controllers and test modules that use it;
3. Replace the former approach with the [NavigationController#proceed_next_screen()](
4. Check first the cases where press_next is already separated at test level, but not in NavigationController
5. In case the task is very big, we can split it into smaller ones.