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Updated by okurz about 3 years ago

## Motivation 
 Despite multiple months keeping open and pinging test maintainers  

 ## Suggestions 
 * Write to as well for critical changes as well as chat channels 
 * Please propose reverts of features (AFAIR no one suggested that and we would have been fine to do that) 
 * From ph0enix: deploy on the beginning of the week, "announcement banners", staging area 
 * Feature switches or configurable feature: We should have done that here, this was overlooked 
 * See we should have needling with lower match ratio lower than default stated as a more explicit suggestion. lower: From Joaquin SUSE QE Tools workshop chat notes: "The ratio is for each area in the needle, the UI doesn't highlight if a needle is created with lower or upper match ratio", so highlight that a needle is created with different match ratio than default? ratio"