action #93032

Updated by oorlov 11 months ago

There is `accept_license` module, implemented with LibyuiClient already: It is already used in [installer_extended]( test suite.

## Task
1. Use the new [accept_license]( module in all the test suites for SLE15-SP3 YaST Job Group;
2. Adapt existing implementation to be used on Tumbleweed and openSUSE Leap 15 also (i.e. use DistributionFactory to provide the proper controller for TW and Leap, so that the test module remains same, but implementation of `get_license_agreement()->accept_license()` is different), as on TW and Leap there is no checkbox for accepting License.
3. Use the [accept_license]( module in all the test suites for Tumbleweed and openSUSE Leap 15.
4. `switch_keyboard_gnome/textmode` is out of scope and will be implemented in separate ticket, so for now please leave the old 'welcome' module there.

The new module should replace the old "accept_license" one, used in SLE, "accept_license" and "welcome" module used in for opensuse. It should work for both textmode and graphical installations. Please see identified Identified scenarios in #88939 as additional help. #88939.
- for opensuse switch_keyboard_gnome/textmode the module from #93029 swicth_keyborad should work.
- for installer_extended(_textmode) there are modules prior accept_license that verify translation. Accept_license seems to receive an already checked box.