coordination #91914

Updated by okurz over 1 year ago

## Motivation

As a squad team member, I want to be able to more easily review Maintenance and Tumbleweed job group related test failures that are relevant to my squad.

## Acceptance criteria

* **AC1:** Squad members have access to a convenient review workflow of relevant openQA test failures

## Suggestions

- Send out Rocket.Chat notifications via GitLab CI
- Use [custom hook scripts](
- Consider a custom view for the web UI
- Extend openqa-review with filter parameters (blocklist/passlist) on test suite name
* but I doubt teams would be able to maintain a blocklist/passlist including all the test suites that they are interested in or not interested in, maybe test modules would work -> "Extend openqa-review with filter parameters (blocklist/passlist) on test module maintainers"?

- Automatic checks for
* Maintainer in each test suite
* Maintainer in each job template
* Maintainer in each job group
* No orphaned tests (not reviewed in any squad)
- Have some page where you can choose the squad and then see its related tests for each SLE version