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Updated by okurz 5 months ago

## Observation

In user "Amin" asked: "What is VIRSH_MAC?" related to an earlier question about using libvirt with openQA. I found a reference to VIRSH_MAC only in, nowhere else in os-autoinst code nor openQA nor the git histories of both repositories but we also reference VIRSH_MAC values in added by mgriessmeier in 2019.

## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** VIRSH_MAC is only referenced in documentation ~~in in case it's actually used somewhere~~ in the project where it's used/defined somewhere

## Suggestions
* DONE: ~~Crosscheck Crosscheck with mgriessmeier or other users what this value is intended for~~
* ~~Delete Delete references if not used~~ Make sure this variable – and potentially other variables – are only referenced where defined or used, maybe it can be just moved to os-autoinst-distri-opensuse or the corresponding code can be moved to os-autoinst