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Updated by riafarov 9 months ago

We miss testing yast2 wireless network configuration.

Recently there were improvements introduced to the module, so it's worth taking a look.
Functionality is available both in the installer and in the installed system, and support NM and wicked.
However hostapd is not available on the installation mediums, so will be harder to test this.

We already have following functionality in openQA to emulate wireless network:
* tests/x11/network/

Do not hesitate to contact Clemens regarding parts already available for the wicked tests.


As for priorities:
1. configuration with wicked in the installed system
2. configuration with nm in the installed system
3. configuration with wicked in the installer
4. configuration with nm in the installer

Trello card content:
Setting up a wireless device in YaST2 is not as easy and straightforward as it should be. The UI is too complex and offers little help to the user. After some discussion with our UX experts, we have come to this conclusions:

* Improve the wireless network list (adding signal strength, and so on).
* Hide any advanced setting. Actually, only the ESSID and the authentication settings are needed.
* Move other stuff (like "mode") to the "advanced settings" dialog.