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## Observation 

 openQA test in scenario opensuse-15.3-DVD-x86_64-autoyast_gnome@64bit fails in 

 ## Test suite description 
 Testing autoyast installation with given profile and expect SLES with gnome. Please, see the profile for more details. Profile is available in distri git repo under data subdirectory. Same as autoyast_gnome but with product defined in the profile. Maintainers: riafarov, okurz 

 openSUSE Leap's product name is changed to Leap, it was openSUSE before, thus we need a split autoyast.xml for Leap only. 
 We can either expand variable, like we do for SCC_REGCODE and other variables. Or maintain 2 profiles. 

 ## Reproducible 

 Fails since (at least) Build [4.2]( 

 ## Expected result 

 Last good: (unknown) (or more recent) 

 ## Further details 

 Always latest result in this scenario: [latest](