action #88223

Updated by livdywan over 3 years ago

We have a new test running with OPENQA_CONTAINERS=1 in addition to the existing cases. And during a review of the job template YAML we came across this special-case since the new scenario wouldn't inherit the settings from the `openqa_from_git` scenario. The [ of os-autoinst-distri-openQA]( has this condition: 

 # testing from git only tests webui so far 
 load_osautoinst_tests() unless check_var('OPENQA_FROM_GIT', 1); 

 From the comment it seems like we should enable more tests to run `load_osautoinst_tests`. For now the [openQA in openQA job group]( contains I added `OPENQA_FROM_GIT=1` in to the scenario definition in YAML. 

 ## Acceptance Criteria 
 - *AC1:*  

 ## Suggestions 
 - Drop `OPENQA_FROM_GIT=1` special-case from `` 
 - Extend use cases for `load_osautoinst_tests` and rename the flag accordingly new scenario.