action #73477

Updated by riafarov about 3 years ago

In order to extend coverage for yast2-firstboot, and given that we already have 2 test suites that verify the default configuration, we can modify yast2_firstboot_custom test suite.  

 Replace /etc/sysconfig/firstboot and /etc/YaST2/firstboot.xml files in order for the firstboot to: 

    * Display customized welcome message. 
    * Display customized license. Change language for both system and keyboard. 
    * Display customized finish text. 
    * Set autologin checked by default for new user (in case we can change default value). user. 
    * SHOW_Y2CC_CHECKBOX="yes", which enable yast2 control center after first boot configuration (this check is low prio and can be postponed as window cannot be easily closed) Change the current root password. 
    * Display customized license. 
    * SHOW_Y2CC_CHECKBOX="yes". 
    * Display customized finish text. 

 before proceeding to firstboot configuration, abort and reboot in order to verify that abort button doesn't cause crash and that firstboot will run again, if not completed. 

 Relevant bugs: [bug#1161048]( , [bug#1177797]( , [bug#1076798]( , [bug#950335]( , [bug#1173498]( , [bug#615146]( , [bug#1161045]( , [bug#1177757](