action #87713

Updated by tjyrinki_suse 11 months ago

## Observation

openQA test in scenario sle-15-SP2-Full-QR-ppc64le-multipath@ppc64le-no-tmpfs fails in

## Test suite description
Maintainer: okurz

Test installation on machine with virtual multipath hardware. Only tests succesful detection of multipath and installation. No functional testing of multipath itself.

## Reproducible

Fails since (at least) Build [376.10](

## Expected result

See Online-QR's result at:
This is the first time the test is tried to run on Full images.
Also SP3 Yast tests do not test multipath on Full:

This task might be for QE Yast to enable multipath testing on Full images at some point.

## Further details

Always latest result in this scenario: [latest](