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## user story 
 As a visitor of openQA instance I would I'd like to know the currently running openQA version. It is It's useful for instances I do not don't have ssh access to see the package version (e.g. 

 ## acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1**: Show same version as available in packages, e.g. OBS package in devel:openQA 
 * **AC2**: For git deployed instances show unique version from git 
 * **AC3**: If no version can be found this is handled gracefully 

 ## tasks 
 * read version from rpm file if available 
 * read version using `git describe` 
 * provide git tag on master repo (see below) 
 * display version e.g. in footer 
 * can provide helper that are usable in branding so that vendors can tailor (that sounds weird) 

 ## further details 

 * "unique version from git" could be `git describe` based on a tag which is on a very old commit so that the counter value of commits after the tag has some use. If this raise a security issue, it can require login to see it.