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## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** A proof-of-concept CI configuration and run showing how isotovideo executes tests exists

## Suggestions
* *DONE*: Install and run isotovideo for os-autoinst-distri-example -> see
* *DONE*: *WIP*: Optional: Containerize isotovideo, e.g. based on , to make startup easier and faster in repeated CI runs
* *DONE* created and
* *DONE* @waitfor
* *DONE* then create package in with _service that extracts the Dockerfile from os-autoinst and builds and publishes images
* *DONE* use that image in
* *DONE* Add to documentation, e.g. in
* Optional: Try in a CI that supports nested virt, e.g. travis CI in parallel to github actions. Then likely is a better selection -> not done for now as travis CI is suffering from very long queue times due to their recent> migration going on and changes in the plans they offer