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coordination #77698: [epic] synchronous qemu based system level test in pull request CI runs, e.g. standalone isotovideo or openQA tests

CI pipeline proof-of-concept running isotovideo

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  • AC1: A proof-of-concept CI configuration and run showing how isotovideo executes tests exists



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I have since about a year. Let's see if I can streamline that for upstream inclusion and use it in github actions.

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As a general draft including multiple changes: gh#os-autoinst/os-autoinst#1563

But for easier reviewing I created specific pull requests for smaller, not inter-dependant changes, e.g.:

Now I wonder what is the best approach for testing. I would like to have a testing solution that is callable by every developer locally and also in CI. I tried with a simple perl test module where I call something like qx{podman build …} which fails with errors like:

#   Failed test 'container could be built successfully'
#   at t/30-container.t line 36.
#          got: '125'
#     expected: '0'
# Output: STEP 1: FROM
# Getting image source signatures
# Copying blob sha256:7fce653214d4500372a2df7b523918146b0f8e61e62613feaab18a46393e96e1
# Copying config sha256:2eac6045a15c8023b0a89aa585850c17ba02bae23185557f6edc0ac57939c316
# Writing manifest to image destination
# Storing signatures
# time="2020-11-15T14:45:15+01:00" level=error msg="Error while applying layer: ApplyLayer exit status 1 stdout:  stderr: there might not be enough IDs available in the namespace (requested 0:15 for /etc/shadow): lchown /etc/shadow: invalid argument"
# Error: error creating build container: Error committing the finished image: error adding layer with blob "sha256:7fce653214d4500372a2df7b523918146b0f8e61e62613feaab18a46393e96e1": ApplyLayer exit status 1 stdout:  stderr: there might not be enough IDs available in the namespace (requested 0:15 for /etc/shadow): lchown /etc/shadow: invalid argument

which I need to understand first or not follow up with at all as it can be just enough to build-test the container within OBS.

EDIT: I understood the error which I could reproduce with perl -e 'qx{podman build -f docker/isotovideo/Dockerfile.qemu . }'. Problem is my alias alias podman='sudo podman' because rootless podman does not work out of the box, at least not in my env. Trying with docker.

Further ideas what I found on the go:

I created with a github actions definition file using a temporary OBS project shows the results when running with qemu_no_kvm=1 as github actions do not provide /dev/kvm, so no nested virt. I could define an example in travis CI in parallel as well.
Changed the Dockerfile to do RUN zypper -n in os-autoinst qemu-x86 qemu-tools instead. Probably I should be explicit and define a "isotovideo:qemu-x86" container and one "isotovideo:qemu-kvm". Have one now and is ready now with a correct expected successful isotovideo run in
where "successful" means a completed test run with result "failed" as the example repo has no needles which is left as the training step to complete for beginners using the example repo.

So I could update

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waiting for review

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After a reminder I could motivate team colleagues to followup with the pending review :) is merged and also another idea was mentioned and followed up with to add specific subpackages. was merged and shows the successful run.

  • Generate the container within OBS, e.g. checkout Dockerfile from VCS

EDIT: Did osc copypac devel:openQA os-autoinst_dev devel:openQA isotovideo-qemu-x86 and created the file _service with content:

<service name="download_url">
  <param name="protocol">https</param>
  <param name="host"></param>
  <param name="path">/os-autoinst/os-autoinst/master/docker/isotovideo/Dockerfile.qemu-x86</param>
  <param name="filename">Dockerfile</param>

I realized that this builds against "containers15.2" but I wanted to use Tumbleweed as base. had "containers" but referencing openSUSE Leap 15.1. I think we don't need that anymore. I switched openSUSE:Containers:Leap:15.1 to "openSUSE:Containers:Tumbleweed". I also removed:

    <disable repository="containers"/>

and more old cruft, e.g. for SLE12 which mkittler already removed elsewhere. Then I still needed to enable the container build for Tumbleweed in

  • Update the Dockerfile to use the new convenience packages instead

Created to add the qemu-kvm as well

Includes the updated OBS path

  • Build qemu-kvm as well and document

  • Review and consider update of os-autoinst-distri-example

Done with

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