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## Motivation 

 As a SUSE partner I can execute openQA SLE tests based on the existing tests, e.g. in os-autoinst-distri-opensuse so that I do not need to rely on SUSE internal testing of SLE only or re-invent automated tests. This came up in a discussion with our partner IBM. tests 

 ## Open points 

 * os-autoinst-distri-opensuse is open and free already but os-autoinst-needles-opensuse includes (only) the openSUSE needles, os-autoinst-needles-sle is internal 
  * DONE: ~~Is Is anyone outside allowed to run e.g. Beta versions of SLE?~~ -- okurz: I don't know what I meant with that question. Obviously Beta versions are meant to be used by non-SUSE employees SLE? 
  * Would someone outside SUSE be allowed to publish SLE needles on his own? 
  * Is there a difference for Alpha/Beta/RC period? 
  * Would we be able to provide the internal needles to SUSE partners (when they promise to not disclose them)?