action #32545

Updated by okurz 12 months ago

## User story
As an openQA operator creating or triggering multi-machine clusters I want to be informed about possible misconfigurations

## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** An operator is informed when creating or triggering multi-machine clusters in case of multi-machine cluster misconfigurations, e.g. over API response

## Suggestions

* Try to create a test with misconfiguration and let tests fail, e.g. as described in #32545#note-20
* Add corresponding handling of the erroneous case, e.g.
* Forward the error over API and/or web UI where applicable

## Original problem observation

support server :

[2018-02-28T11:51:39.0409 CET] [debug] mutex create 'support_server_ready'

parallel job

mutex lock 'support_server_ready' unavailable, sleeping 5s - for 2 hours

Original title for the ticket: "Catch multi-machine clusters misconfigured"