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## Observation
ssh with x forwarding is known to perform worse than vnc, and problem is that we start to tab before screen is fully loaded.

Straight forward solutions:
* do more tabbing and get to software section eventually
* sync and validate that screen is loaded ( we might be able to simply reuse installation-settings-overview-loaded from tests/installation/ module )
* sync and validate that there is no "analyzing your system" label to be sure that screen is loaded

openQA test in scenario sle-15-SP3-Online-ppc64le-ssh-X@ppc64le-hmc-single-disk fails in

## Test suite description
Conduct an installation using ssh with X-Forwarding. Might only be effective for zVM and powerVM

## Reproducible

Fails since (at least) Build [13.1](

## Expected result

Last good: (unknown) (or more recent)

## Further details

Always latest result in this scenario: [latest](