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## Motivation

**Transactional server role** was added in SLE15-SP1 and only installation tests were required.
After the split from QSF into QSF-U and QSF-Y, QSF-Y took over the scenario which can be found on Yast job group

- [SLE15-SP2 aarch64](
- [SLE15-SP2 ppc64le](
- [SLE15-SP2 ppc64le-hmc](
- [SLE15-SP2 s390x kvm](
- [SLE15-SP2 x86_64](

**transactional server role** is now more important and also post-installation tests are required, which will be responsibility of QSF-U.
Since the installed system has a read-only root filesystem, all application that are not fixed to write only on expected directories (see [Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard](

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## Acceptance criteria

- **AC1:** Post-installation tests are executed on openQA
- **AC2:** Sub-Tasks are closed