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Updated by mkittler almost 4 years ago

### status quo 
 * The "restart" route is used when one restarts a job via the web UI and therefore also the route I suggest to use when using the REST-API directly. 
 * The "duplicate" route also exists but is at this point ironically almost a duplicate of the "restart" route. 
 * We don't know whether the "duplicate" route is still used. (The even it generates is not registered as audit event.) 

 ### acceptance criteria 
 * AC0: Make the "duplicate" route an alias for the "restart" route using the same code internally. 
 * AC1: Backwards compatibility of any route must not be broken. (Except for the event currently emitted by the "duplicate" route. It is not used and may be dropped/replaced. The parameter `dup_type_auto` can likely be ignored as well because it doesn't seem so have any effect anymore.) dropped/replaced.) 

 ### historical remarks 
 According to the commits 1c7de4b2ce and 6b48bd8a72 "restart" was there before. According to `git show 6b48bd8a72:lib/OpenQA/modules/` "restart" meant at the time aborting the job and setting it back to scheduled. Only "duplicate" would create a new job. That explains why "duplicate" was added in the first place. 

 ### notes 
 * The specific functions I'm talking about are `OpenQA::WebAPI::Controller::API::V1::Job::restart` and `OpenQA::WebAPI::Controller::API::V1::Job::duplicate`. 
 * The worker uses the "duplicate" route when a job has been aborted because the worker service is stopped.