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Updated by riafarov over 1 year ago

## Observation
aarch64 uses uefi in the bootloader.
The bootloader for the MM tests are not setup properly the parameters as you can see for instance on remote_ssh_target_ftp in [bootloader_start](

the bootloader for the x86_64 loads parameters as you can find in basically `ssh` and `ssh.password`. Other parameters might are required based on the media. for example, Online installation, might need dns.

bootloader_start uses the correct bootloader as now.

We are missing at least following boot params:
nameserver=<ip_address> ssh=1 sshpassword=nots3cr3t for ssh
nameserver=<ip_address> vnc=1 vncpassword=nots3cr3t for vnc

So we need to make sure those are added to uefi bootloader.

Don't hesitate to contact Anton Smorodsky in case you need support with MM tests on arm.

## Acceptance Criteria
- uefi bootloader passes the required parameters for networking(ssh, vnc, etc)