coordination #62456

Updated by okurz almost 2 years ago

## Observation

openQA test in scenario obs-Unstable-Appliance-x86_64-obs_appliance@64bit-4G incompletes after failing in
[GRU]( on

Gru job failed
Reason: asset download: download of to /var/lib/openqa/share/factory/hdd/obs-server.x86_64-2.10.51-qcow2-Build2.438.qcow2 failed: connection error: Inactivity timeout at /usr/share/openqa/script/../lib/OpenQA/Task/Asset/ line 74.

ending the complete job in "incomplete".

## Reproducible

Hard, seems to be related to temporary network problems.

## Acceptance criteria

* **AC1:** GRU download retries automatically on temporary network problems
* **AC2:** The way we provide feedback to users is comparable for GRU download failures as well as other incompletes with known reasons

## Open points

I realized the quite different approach for user feedback on GRU download jobs vs. other incompletes with mkittler already on 2020-01-21. Retry is just one part of it. Maybe the way how GRU download jobs provide details but still incomplete is the way to go?

## Further details

Always latest result in this scenario: [latest](