action #12400

Updated by mkittler almost 8 years ago

## user story 
 As a new user I want to know more details about job groups to better understand what they are about, e.g. responsible persons, intentions, related fate entries, etc. 

 ## acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1**: everyone can see the description for a job group over UI 
 * **AC2**: As AC1 but over API 
 * **AC3**: operators can write/edit/delete descriptions in each job group 

 ## tasks 
 * Either use the comments table and maybe regard one comment as "special" -> description field, or add a field to each job_group 
 * provide corresponding API to CRUD descriptions in job groups 
 * show description field above the progress bars showing build results 
 * Add UI elements to CRUD description field (could be in admin group) 
 * optional: Also show description content (or first line as subject line) in index page or in admin page 
 * optional: Create a template for SUSE what should be written on each job group, e.g. responsible person 
 * optional: Extend also to test_suites or scenario (and show in test details page)