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Updated by riafarov almost 2 years ago

We need to create and update the support_server used in remote installation in The purpose is to fix the problem appeared in the associated ticket which enabled the vnc remote installation[0] and adjust the tests removing the workaround( The work in the spike[1] shows that this should make the trick.

{{collapse(one way to generate a support_server is:)
sudo /usr/share/openqa/script/client jobs post DISTRI=opensuse VERSION=15.2 ISO=openSUSE-Leap-15.0-DVD-x86_64.iso ARCH=x86_64 FLAVOR=DVD TEST=supportserver_generator MACHINE=64bit DESKTOP=gnome INSTALLONLY=1 AUTOYAST=supportserver/autoyast_supportserver_x86.xml SUPPORT_SERVER_GENERATOR=1 PUBLISH_HDD_1=supportserver_15_0_gnome_iob.qcow2 --host```
ISO=the iso file to use for the image
AUTOYAST=one of the xml files in the os-autoinst-distri-opensuse/data directory

The problem is that this didnt work quite well for me[2] as it cant find the packages in the repos. So some extra effort might required.

## Acceptance criteria
- no workaround to get out of the yast in target machine
- the remote ssh and vnc tests should get to the desktop after the installation finish
- it has been observed a segmentation fault in ssh. if this does not appear any more with newer image, that s good, otherwise a bug should be filed.

## Suggestions
- create a xml, run the support_server generator and publish the image
- use an existing qcow and modify it to include the packages that it needs
- TW image would be preferable is will be possible to run `zypper dup` next time we need updated image