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During installation, the installation source will be added as repo and never disabled again. For migration, we have code which checks for this and disables the repo, but if the customer uses something else for update or don't has the media in the DVD drive, this will always create surprising effects and errors.

After having now again several L3's, where the root cause was always that the installation DVD was still added as repo, but either the media was not in the DVD drive or the customer did meanwhile a version upgrade, I suggest to disable the installation source after installation, if we register the system during installation. For some cases like s390x this is even necessary in any case.

The only problem I see with this is, if the customer want's to install big packages afterwards and the packages are fetched from the internet, not the local media. But most customers are using SMT, SUSE manager or another local proxy. In this case, disabling the installation repo is from clear advantage.

In Scope

Manual Installation
AutoYast Installation (if registration is part of the workflow)
All media-based add-ons

Out of Scope

Registration done on running system
More precisely - system that has not been registered during installation