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## Observation 

 Seems like the spc keystroke is not click the checkbox as it is expected but instead it presses the next button. this is observed on s390 as there is no occurrence in other archs  

 It might be that we need to tab to the list. 
 We also need to check if there are two mechanisms in place, like clicking on checkboxes instead of iterating over the list which is fallback, when needle is not visible. 

 We should attempt to unify flows of module selection for registered and unregistered installations. vs 

 openQA test in scenario sle-15-SP2-Full-s390x-skip_registration@s390x-kvm-sle12 fails in 

 ## Test suite description 
 Maintainer: okurz, riafarov 

 Like a standard scenario with explicit skipping of SCC registration in case where we register by default, e.g. for SLE >= 15 
 See for details. 

 ## Reproducible 

 Fails since (at least) Build [72.1]( 

 ## Expected result 

 Last good: (unknown) (or more recent) 

 ## Further details 

 Always latest result in this scenario: [latest](