action #10470

Updated by okurz almost 8 years ago

## User story 
 As a bug investigator I want to have access to "special hardware" as workers to not rely on the production openQA server 

 ## acceptance criteria 
 * One machine can be used as worker for multiple openQA instances 

 ## tasks 
 * make workers register to multiple openqa webui instances, e.g. comma-separated list of openqa hosts in worker.ini and let them register to all 
 * ensure they listen to job notifications from all (should do that already right now) 
 * ensure worker ignores job notifications when already working on job (should do that already right now) 
 * the challenge: come up with a good idea how to separate "/var/lib/openqa/share/factory" and "/var/lib/openqa/share/tests" for different openqa server for the same worker TODO 

 ## further details 
 related to #9760#note-9 and [US#4]( 

 ### original idea: make shared directory path configurable for workers 
 Workers have hard coded path to `/var/lib/openqa/share` as a directory shared with openQA webui. I would like to make this configurable. 

 Use case: there is one powerful server running multiple workers and then multiple people having weaker machines running individual openQA-webuis. For start I would like to use different workers with different webuis. Later it would be handy if worker would be able to connect to multiple webuis and just take whatever job available when idle.