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## Motivation
our biggest "customer" uses nis+autofs, so we should have a test for that :)

## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** We have a NIS server+client test in openSUSE TW
* **AC2:** Same as AC1 but for openSUSE Leap 15.2 15.0
* **AC3:** Test suites are enabled in development job group first and then moved to the main job group
* **AC4:**
<del>Same as AC1 but for SLE 15</del> DONE:
* **AC5:** **AC4:** <del>Same as AC1 but for SLE 12 SP4</del> DONE:

## Tasks

* Crosscheck existing NIS tests against manual expectations
* If necessary add new tests / extend existing tests
* Ensure the supported testsuites are called in all products+versions mentioned above


SLE 15 tests can be used as a base: * Wait for bug resolution in [bsc#1073281]( * Work on #23822