action #50336

Updated by okurz almost 5 years ago

## Observation 

 Currently for PackageHub there's [bsc#1124318]( that basically makes SUSEConnect to fail the first time but it would succeed on a second call 

 ## Acceptance criteria 

 * **AC1:** Test is able to workaround with soft-fail [bsc#1124318](  

 ## Suggestions 

 - reproduce test failure, accept current error output as indication for workaround, record soft failure and try again 
 - refactor add_suseconnect_product so that it allows the user to properly specify whether or not errors are tolerated. 
 - change the code to accept named parameters to accept syntax similar to `suseconnect_product `suseconnect_prouct 'sle-module-legacy', retry_allow => 1, timeout =>    900` (or a simple hash too)