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Updated by riafarov over 3 years ago

## Motivation
See motivation in the parent ticket.

We validate release notes in each installation, which is a bit too much. Relevant cases are following:
1) Different architectures (to see that package is available)
2) Online vs offline (as we might get release notes from DVD)
3) Addons (source doesn't matter, either all-packages DVD, or ftp url, or as module)

Let's address this for SLE only for start.

## Acceptance criteria
1. Coverage remains same for relevant scenarios
2. Release notes are not tested in every installation
3. Change in behavior is communicated to other teams, so release notes are also tested for the products QSF is not responsible for (e.g. SLED, SLES4SAP, etc.)

## Suggestion
Simplest implementation would be to introduce variable and validate Release Notes in relevant test suites only.
Please, check as we test release note origin there.

Let's address this for SLE only for the start, considering applying same approach for openSUSE.