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## Observation

While looking at the screenshot there's clearly `ipefail` in the screen which already means that there's a missing key, what I fail to understand here, is the layer, since this is running on Grenache which is PowerVM but being used as a jumphost for s390 machines..

[2018-11-12T17:53:33.0491 CET] [debug] <<< testapi::type_string(string='(echo AwZR8; bash -eox pipefail /tmp/ ; echo SCRIPT_FINISHEDAwZR8-$?-) | tee /dev/ttysclp0
', max_interval=250, wait_screen_changes=0, wait_still_screen=0)
[2018-11-12T17:53:36.0117 CET] [debug] /var/lib/openqa/cache/tests/sle/tests/console/ called testapi::script_output
[2018-11-12T17:53:36.0117 CET] [debug] <<< testapi::wait_serial(regexp='SCRIPT_FINISHEDAwZR8-\\d+-', timeout=300, record_output=1)
[2018-11-12T17:58:37.0655 CET] [debug] >>> testapi::wait_serial: SCRIPT_FINISHEDAwZR8-\d+-: fail
[2018-11-12T17:58:37.0656 CET] [debug] script timeout: zypper lifecycle at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/ line 960.

openQA test in scenario sle-15-SP1-Installer-DVD-s390x-wsm+dev_tools+textmode@s390x-kvm-sle12 fails in

## Reproducible

Fails since (at least) Build [91.1]( (current job)

## Expected result

Last good: [88.6]( (or more recent)

## Further details

Always latest result in this scenario: [latest](

possible misstype ninjakeys