action #36313

Updated by okurz over 3 years ago

## Observation

In the update tests we depend highly on which types of updates are available, so we do not test every branch in every build (e.g. we have no updates that require a reboot)
To test as much as possible there are update tests in:
We should try to integrate this to our tests, not only for leap but for all products

## Acceptance criteria
**AC1:** Tests are not broken
**AC2:** All sorts of updates are being tested on opensuse
**AC3:** All sorts of updates are being tested on sle

## Suggestions

* Do not test updates on openSUSE Tumbleweed because updates there are less important and seldom and we do not have an update repo with *test packages*
* For SLE or Leap make sure that the published update-repo with test update packages (see #36451) are available, at least as long as BETA=1 is set