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## Observation

openQA test in scenario sle-15-Installer-DVD-x86_64-addon-module-http@64bit fails in
matching the needle *addon-menu-active-2-20180220* created by

commit e0ba6843
Author: Stephan Kulow <>
Date: Tue Feb 20 08:17:57 2018 +0100

addon-menu-active-2-20180220 for sle-15-Installer-DVD-Staging:F-x86_64-BuildF.372.1-cryptlvm_minimal_x@64bit-staging

diff --git a/addon-menu-active-2-20180220.json b/addon-menu-active-2-20180220.json
new file mode 100644
index 00000000..90980310
--- /dev/null
+++ b/addon-menu-active-2-20180220.json
@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
+ "properties": [],^M
+ "tags": [^M
+ "addon-menu-active"^M
+ ],^M
+ "area": [^M
+ {^M
+ "ypos": 348,^M
+ "height": 27,^M
+ "type": "match",^M
+ "xpos": 494,^M
+ "width": 11^M
+ }^M
+ ]^M
\ No newline at end of file

which should not match. My proposal is to bump the "matching level"

As per coolo's comment, bumping matching level won't help as it's already 100%.
We should rather create needles, so we assert that checkbox is checked: see addon-menu-active-2-20180220 vs addon-menu-active-20180220 in

Hence, removing needle which matches radio buttons only.

## Hint
Use to find out if some needle is in use, so removal of wrong needles doesn't break existing scenarios.


Fails since (at least) Build [597.2]( (current job)

## Expected result

Last good: [594.1]( (or more recent)

## Further details

Always latest result in this scenario: [latest](