action #33937

Updated by riafarov over 4 years ago

## Motivation
We have added a new test suite "allmodules+allpatterns" and scheduled for SLE15 to not only enable all modules but also select all patterns in there.

## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** passing/soft-failing scenario allmodules+allpatterns enabled for SLE12SP4 for all architectures

## Suggestion
* DONE: <del>Add scenario for all architectures to [SLE12SP4 test development](</del> -> added now (okurz)
* Review all test results after at least one build was scheduled with these tests enabled
* Potentially remove scenarios where it does not make sense to have them
* Create needles or slightly adjust test code where needed, e.g. to enable and according module/pattern list in the test code for SLE12SP4
* Crosscheck same scenario on SLE15 in case of doubts: