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## User Story 

 In late february coolo and me were visiting the IBM Regression Testing team in Böblingen to talk about test coverage and unification of our testcase into openQA. 
 There were two main topics in this meeting. One was about how we can integrate the automated testcases conducted by IBM into openQA (this discussion is still ongoing). 

 The second, more relevant topic atm, was to talk about Bugs in SLE* which were found by IBM and to see which of the executed scenarios are covered on our side and which are not. It turned out that we lack a lot of test-scenarios and therefore missed some bugs in the product 

 This ticket is about to collect all those bugs and act on them by creating subtasks for implementing those scenarios step-by-step 

 ## Further information 

 using tags to define those further: 
   * [INFRA] - needs to be clarified with Ihno or Gerhard, e.g. Hardware component/setup on system level is missing, blocks other tags 
   * [YAST] - Affecting a YaST module, extending YaST module tests for s390x 
   * [MANUAL] - Can be verified manually in first place 
   * [AUTOMATE] - eligible for being automated in the future 
   * [FIXED] - bug is verified fixed  

 ### Network         
   * [INFRA]    [Network is not configured during installation when performing a zPXE installation]( - (sles15 beta7) 
   * [INFRA]    [IPV6 default gateway not set by installer]( - (sles11.2) 
   * [INFRA][MANUAL][AUTOMATE][YAST]    [Vlan package missing]( - (sles15 beta1) 
   * [INFRA]    [Not possible to install w/o network on s390x, making use of SLES installation process with DVD from HMC drive.]( - (sles12.2) 
   * [INFRA]    [Network not starting correctly when installing using a PCI network device]( - (sles15 beta7) 
   * [INFRA]    [Problems installing SLES 15 using VLAN and a custom MAC address]( - (sles15 beta2) 
   * [FIXED] <del>[Yast    [Yast showing error during finalizing when firewall is disabled during installation]( - (sles15 beta2)</del> beta2) 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [Error "Augeas parsing/serializing error: Failed to match" displayed during installation step "Saving network configuration" when VLAN is configured]( - (sles12.3) 
   * [INFRA]    [Installation via HTTPS not possible when using Self-Signed Certifcate]( - (sles12.2) 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [autoyast2: yast2-network: Installation using AutoYast fails in second stage]( - (sles12.1) 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [Network configuration missing in autoinst.xml]( - (sles12.1) 
   * [INFRA]    [Possible parameters for network installation using TFTP]( - (sles11.4) 
   * [FIXED] <del>[Netmask    [Netmask parameter is not fetched correctly from parmfile (yast)]( - (sles11.4)</del> (sles11.4) 

 ### Access & Package*  
   * [FIXED] <del>[Installer    [Installer does not make use of given password while adding installer repository]( - (sles15)</del> (sles15) 
   * [FIXED] <del>[Installation    [Installation of SLES11-SP4 on z10 breaks after downloading 3 of 6 installation files]( - (sles11.4)</del> (sles11.4) 
   * [FIXED]    [LPAR installation expects even the default value of device address to be    entred manually]( - (sles11.2) 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [Package yast2-cio is missing]( - (sles15 beta2) 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [Package yast2-cio not installed by default on s390x]( - (sles15 beta4) 

 ### System hangs  
   * [INFRA]    [Using zpxe.rexx script to perform zPXE installation on zVM results in kernel panic during boot]( - (sles12.3) 

 ### Devices 
   * [INFRA]    [Installation on iSCSI failed]( - (sles12.1) 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [DASD selection not updated in Expert partitioning]( - (sles11.3) 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [DASD or zfcp/scsi disks are listed for partitioning, even after deselecting DASD or zfcp/scsi disks]( - (sles11.3) 
   * [INFRA]    [DASD selection not updated in Expert partitioning (yast)]( - (sles11.3) 
   *    [Installation is not happening on FBA emulated SCSI disk]( - (sles11.2) 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [Installation fails when two DASDs are used.]( - (sles11.2) 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [DASD devices onlined via Yast2 are not persistant across reboot]( - (sles11.2) 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [AutoYast installation fails to detect/sense the DASD]( - (sles11.2) 
   * [MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [Unable to install SLES on LVM in a z/VM guest]( - (sles11.2) 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [Not possible to format EDEV device (yast)]( - (sles15 beta3) 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [System is falling into maintenance mode when adding a dasd with chccwdef and adding partitions with yast]( - (sles12.2) 
   * [FIXED] <del>[YaST    [YaST Partitioner no longer offering /boot/zipl as mount point]( - (sles15 beta6)</del> beta6) 
   * [FIXED] <del>[YaST    [YaST does not properly detect that a DASD is not formatted]( - (sles15 beta6)</del> beta6) 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [Changing proposed file system defaults fstab mount option to "Device Name" (yast2-storage-ng)]( - (sles15 beta6) 
   * [INFRA]    [Installation not possible if the system has more than one activated DASD]( - (sles15 beta6) 
   *    [Cannot add a partition to a MDISK]( - (sles15 beta3) 
   * [INFRA]    ["No proposal possible" error message when installing on MDISK]( - (sles15 beta3) 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [Filesystem and Mount point not reliably selectable in the Yast Expert Partitioner when using yast.ssh]( - (sles12.2) 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [yast: Cannot remove mount point with the partitioner]( - (sles15 beta4) 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    ["yast onpanic" dialog does not offer prepared zFCP dump devices]( - (sles12.3) 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [yast2-s390x: internal error when trying to install on multipathed zfcp LUN without swap device]( - (sles15 beta7) 
   * [MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [system installed with default partitioning (btrfs) on zfcp comes up in emergency shell]( - (sles15 beta3) 
   * [INFRA]    [Yast does not enable non-NPIV zfcp device when "Get WWPNs" is pressed for the first time (yast2-s390)]( - (sles15 beta2) 
   * [INFRA]    [yast2-s390: Yast shows "Unkown Error 10" when activating SCSI LUNs on NPIV-enabled zfcp device]( - (sles15 beta2) 
   * [FIXED] <del>[YaST    [YaST detects a formatted DASD as unformatted]( - (sles15 beta1)</del> beta1) 
   * [FIXED]    [YaST reports "Error Disks formatting failed. Exit code: 255" after formatting DASD]( - (sles15 beta1) 
   * [INFRA]    [SLES 12 as a guest can not be installed on a CDL formated ECKD disk]( - (sles12.2) 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [iSCSI volume not activated after installation]( - (sles12.2) 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [iSCSI system does not come up after installation]( - (sles12.2) 
   *    [yast2 refuses to use a non-standard iqn as iSCSI initiator]( - (sles11.4) 
   * [FIXED] <del>[YaST    [YaST does not offer to format an unformatted DASD]( - (sles15 beta7)</del> beta7) 

 ### Others 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [Time zone settings from installation dialog are ignored (yast?)]( - (sles15 beta7) 
   * [YAST][MANUAL][AUTOMATE]    [Exiting the "yast dump" dialog always displays an error (yast2-s390)]( - (sles12.3)