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[sporadic] s390x tests fail in first_boot and boot_to_desktop

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This failure has occurred both for first_boot and boot_to_desktop on s390x. What happens is that handle_login function in lib/ is checking if the desktop matches with gnome-activities and then presses esc.

249     if (match_has_tag('gnome-activities')) {
250         send_key('esc');
251         assert_screen([qw(generic-desktop opensuse-welcome)]);
252     }

After that it expects that the desktop will match with normal generic desktop, but we see no change. According to the autoinst.log the esc key is sent indeed. We need to check why the key takes no effect on the desktop. An idea would be to add a second check, for example: send_key('esc') if assert_screen "gnome-activities"; so that in case 'esc' is not accepted the first time, it would take effect, the second time.


openQA test in scenario sle-15-SP4-Online-s390x-zfcp@s390x-zfcp fails in

Test suite description

Testsuite maintained at Maintainer: QE Yast, mgriessmeier

Installation-only test configuring an s390x ZFCP storage.


Fails since (at least) Build 29.1

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Always latest result in this scenario: latest


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