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Re-enable openqa-investigate options after the black certificate now only shows properly "reviewed" jobs

Added by okurz about 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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openqa-investigate was disabled for SUSE Maintenance job groups on special request due to special workflows however other SUSE QAM reviewers like the idea of openqa-investigate so we would like to bring it back and resolve that special exception

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  • AC1: openqa-investigate jobs are also scheduled for jobs in "Maintenance" job groups on


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SR containing initial discussion:

There were 3 points:

comments are hiding failures and reviewer does not know if comment is his or from "investigate:retry"

This point has been addressed by the mentioned change regarding the certificate icon.

MM tests are not restarted properly …

When I remember correctly, I've changed it to exclude tests with dependencies completely. So this shouldn't be an issue anymore (although a real solution for this would of course be better).

restarted jobs are renamed, thus don't belong to the same group as original and bot does still see the failed job and auto approve of RR is blocked

Not sure about this one. It doesn't seem like openqa-investigate doesn't make the problem worse - it just doesn't help for approving some PRs automatically.

Draft SR for enabling this:

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Updated by okurz about 3 years ago

Draft SR for enabling this:

merged. I assume after deployment we still need to restart the instance. I restarted the webUI on osd with systemctl restart openqa-webui and verified that everything looks normal. I suggest you write a message, e.g. in #testing and call this done

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Posted in . Following we can see again investigation jobs for Maintenance jobs, e.g. so all good.


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